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The German Antitrust Authority’s Interpretation of GDPR Consent – Facebook Decision

The German Bundeskartellamt (Federal Antitrust Authority) has published and translated “background information” on its Facebook decision (Bundeskartellamt, „Bundeskartellamt prohibits Facebook from combining user data from different sources„, PR of 7 February 2019). The “background information” reveals that the decision is based on a rather eclectic interpretation of the GDPR. The fact that a federal authority […]

Car Sharing: Privacy Issues under current European law and under the GDPR

(Speech, ITechLaw World Technology Conference, Miami, May 19th, 2016) The rise of car sharing services Car sharing is becoming more and more popular since big auto maufacturers like BMW and Mercedes have entered the market offering brandnew cars and the opportunity to locate and book the cars via user-friendly smartphone apps. Car sharing services rely […]