Issue 1 / 2024

In the current CRi issue 1 (publication on: 15. Februar 2024) you find the following articles and case law:



Matthan, Rahul, The Approach to AI Regulation for the Global South, CRi 2024, 1-5

Like any other new technology before, artificial intelligence (AI) challenges any legislator to strike the perfect balance between enabling the benefits and minimising the harms. While the Global North appears to favour a harms based approach to AI regulation, the Global South tends to approach AI regulation predominantly as empowerment. After a brief introduction (I.), the article first contrasts these two approaches (II. and III.) and then demonstrates the difference in regulatory focus regarding three key areas: liability, access to data and economic dependence (IV.), before drawing conclusions on the major factors influencing the direction in which the regulatory pendulum will swing (V.).

Beardwood, John, Privacy Impact Assessment Requirements Across Jurisdictions: Just How Different are They?, CRi 2024, 6-14

The article compares the privacy legislation and associated PIA guidance applicable to private-sector organizations in Canada (excluding Quebec), in Quebec, in the European Union and in California, USA. For that purpose, the article briefly describes the role of a PIA (I.); provides a brief overview of the relevant domestic legislation and associated guidance (II.); sets out the triggering events that require the undertaking of a PIA under each regime (III.); outlines the required conduct of the PIAs under each regime (IV.); sets out the required “passing grade”, if any – i.e. the threshold which the PIA results must surpass in order to proceed with the product/service/initiative (V.); sets out the penalties for non-compliance under each regime (VI.); and concludes with a comparative analysis of the details of each regime’s PIA requirements (VII.).

Case Law

CJEU v. 7 December 2023 - C-634/21, EU: Schufa Score Value as Automated Individual Decision, CRi 2024, 14-17

CJEU v. 5 December 2023 - C-807/21, EU: Imposition of GDPR Fines on Legal Person, CRi 2024, 18-22

CJEU v. 9 November 2023 - C-319/22, EU: VIN as Personal Data, CRi 2024, 22-24

CJEU v. 5 October 2023 - C-565/22, EU: No Right to Withdrawal at Conversion or Extension of Online Contract, CRi 2024, 24-26

EGC v. 26 April 2023 - T-557/20, EU: Infringement of Data Protection Law By Trans–mission of Pseudonymous Data?, CRi 2024, 26-30

CJEU v. 7 September 2023 - C-162/22, EU: Use of Traffic and Location Data Only for the Purpose of Combating Serious Crime, CRi 2024, 30-31


Lloyd, Ian, UK: Post Office Scandal on Horizon, CRi 2024, 31-32

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