Issue 4 / 2022

In the current CRi issue 4 (publication on: 15. August 2022) you find the following articles and case law:



Albrecht, Daniel, The Internet Information Services Algorithm Recommendation Management (IISARM) Regulations in China, CRi 2022, 97-103

Beardwood, John, A Second Kick at the Can: New Canadian Privacy Legislation (Bill C-27) is Reborn from the Ashes of Bill C-11: Part 1, CRi 2022, 103-108

Herbrich, Tilman, Data Clean Rooms, CRi 2022, 109-120

Case Law

Supreme Court of Canada v. 15 July 2022 - number 39418, Canada: Royalties for works of intellectual property in the internet – interpretation of the Copyright Act, CRi 2022, 120-124


Lloyd, Ian, UK: Emerging Departures in IT-Law – Post Brexit, CRi 2022, 124-127

Kilian, Wolfgang, Legal Tech: Artificial Intelligence and Legal Decisionmaking, CRi 2022, 127-128

Verlag Dr. Otto-Schmidt vom 10.08.2022