Issue 3 / 2022

In the current CRi issue 3 (publication on: 15. Juni 2022) you find the following articles and case law:



Cooper, Daniel / Lensdorf, Lars, EDPB Draft Guidelines 01/2022 on Data Subject Rights – Right of Access, CRi 2022, 65-70

Beardwood, John, Securing Performance of Technology Transactions: Performance Bonds vs. LOCs, CRi 2022, 70-75

Case Law

United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit v. 18 April 2022 - No. 17-16783 D.C. No. 3:17-cv-03301-EMC, USA: Preliminary Injunction on basis of Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, CRi 2022, 75-82

United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit v. 5 April 2022 - No. 20-16900 D.C. No. 4:18-cv-01060-YGR, USA: Contract Formation via the usage of Websites, CRi 2022, 82-84

CJEU (Third Chamber) v. 5 May 2022 - C-179/21, EU: Seller’s obligation to provide customers with information on commercial guarantee offered by third parties, CRi 2022, 84-88

CJEU (Third Chamber) v. 28 April 2022 - Case C-319/20, EU: May a consumer protection association bring legal proceedings against a person allegedly responsible for an infringement of the laws protecting personal data?, CRi 2022, 88-91

CJEU (Second Chamber) v. 24 March 2022 - C-433/20, EU: Payment of copyright fees in case of cloud computing, CRi 2022, 91-96

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