Issue 6 / 2021

In the current CRi issue 6 (publication on: 15. Dezember 2021) you find the following articles and case law:



Beardwood, John P., It’s Not Me, It’s You: The Prime and Sub Contractors Finger-point as to who is Responsible for an ERP Implementation Failure in Agilisys Ltd v CGI IT UK Ltd, CRi 2021, 161-167

Lloyd, Ian, The Long Road to Remedies for Data Protection Violations, CRi 2021, 167-169

Case Law

Supreme Court of the United States v. 3 June 2021 - , USA: Limits of Authorized Access, CRi 2021, 170-174

Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit v. 8 November 2021 - , USA: No Immunity for Software Companies Acting at Direction of State Customers – NSO Group Technologies, CRi 2021, 174-177

CJEU (Grand Chamber) v. 22 June 2021 - C-682/18, C-683/18, EU: Platform Operator Liability for Copyright Infringement by User, CRi 2021, 177-185

CJEU (Grand Chamber) v. 22 June 2021 - C-439/19, EU: No Public Access to Penalty Points Register for Road Traffic Offences, CRi 2021, 185-190


Heitto, Jonas, China: Supreme People’s Court Confirmed Setting of Global FRAND Terms by Chinese Courts, CRi 2021, 190-192

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