Issue 4 / 2021

In the current CRi issue 4 (publication on: 15. August 2021) you find the following articles and case law:



Veale, Michael / Zuiderveen Borgesius, Frederik, Demystifying the Draft EU Artificial Intelligence Act, CRi 2021, 97-112

Beardwood, John, Lachman v Revlon Class Action: When a Customer’s Shareholders hold Management to Account for a Failed ERP Implementation, CRi 2021, 113-118

Case Law

CJEU (5th Chamber) v. 17 June 2021 - C-597/19, EU: File-Sharing and Systematic Recording of Uploads in P2P-Network, CRi 2021, 119-124


Lloyd, Ian, UK: Adequate but ... The Implementing Decision on the Adequacy of Data Protection Post Brexit, CRi 2021, 125-127

Motsnyi, Igor, Russia: Statutory Obligation for Foreign IT Businesses To Physical Presence in Russia, CRi 2021, 127-128

Verlag Dr. Otto-Schmidt vom 12.08.2021