Issue 3 / 2021

In the current CRi issue 3 (publication on: 15. Juni 2021) you find the following articles and case law:



Lejeune, Mathias, Shifting the Focus of the Fair Use Defense in Google LLC v. Oracle America Inc., CRi 2021, 65-74

Stoykova, Radina, The Presumption of Innocence as a Source for Universal Rules on Digital Evidence, CRi 2021, 74-82

Beardwood, John P., Putting the “Cure” Back In Procurement: Barrett Business Services, Inc. vs. Oracle America, Inc., Cognizant Worldwide, Cognizant Technology and Kbace Technologies, Inc., CRi 2021, 83-90

Case Law

High Court of Justice v. 25 February 2021 - , UK: Blocking Access to A Cyberlocker Website –, CRi 2021, 91-95

Verlag Dr. Otto-Schmidt vom 12.09.2022