Issue 05 / 2017


  • Gercke, Marco, “Hacking an Election”, CRI 2017, 129-134
    The article first provides an overview about the main focus areas of the offenders (I.) and then presents the current stage of criminalization of attacks in the context of elections (II.). The third part examines whether law enforcement agencies can play a role in dealing with such attack (III.).


  • Heitto, Jonas, ICT Supply Chain Licensing under the Technology Transfer BER and the Subcontracting Notice, CRI 2017, 134-139
    First, the concept and importance of licensing technology to licensees on consecutive levels of a telecom systems vendor’s supply chain is explained. Second, the article identifies the applicable competition law instruments, namely the 1978 Subcontracting Notice and the 2014 Technology Transfer BER with its accompanying Guidelines.

Case Law

  • Supreme Court of India v. 24. August 2017 - , India: Landmark Ruling on Fundamental Right to Privacy with Far Reaching Consequences, CRI 2017, 139-141
  • European Court of Human Rights, Grand Chamber v. 5. September 2017 - Application no. 61496/08, Council of Europe: Monitoring Employee’s Yahoo Messenger Account, CRI 2017, 141-146
  • Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit v. 17. August 2017 - , USA: Consent to Terms of Service in Uber App, CRI 2017, 146-151
  • District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia v. 25 July 2017 - 1:16cv932 (JCC/IDD), USA: Ban from Public Official’s Facebook Page as First Amendment Violation, CRI 2017, 151-155
  • CJEU, 2nd Chamber v. 14 June 2017 - C-610/15, EU: Concept of “Communication to the Public” – No Access Providing to ‘The Pirate Bay’, CRI 2017, 155-157
  • CJEU, Grand Chamber v. 7 March 2017 - C-390/15, EU: Equal Fiscal Treatment Despite Lack of Reduced VAT Rate For Electronically Supplied Digital Books, CRI 2017, 157-158


  • Lloyd, Ian, UK: IT Law after Brexit, CRI 2017, 158-160

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