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  • Schöttle, Hendrik / Steger, Udo, Managing Open Source Software in the Corporate Environment, How to establish an open source license compliance program, CRI 2015, 1-7
    Today, Open Source is widespread in the software ecosystem – even in commercial software. The article will show why an open source license compliance program is important and, by the example of Unify, how open source compliance can be achieved. “Open source is ubiquitous, it’s unavoidable... having a policy against open source is impractical and places you at a competitive disadvantage." (Mark Driver in a Gartner-Report, see First, the article outlines the omnipresence as well as proneness to litigation of open source software (I.) and points out the three most common mistakes when dealing with Open Source Software (II.). Then, the article highlights the vital need for an open source compliance regime in every enterprise dealing with commercial products which contain some form of software (III.) and outlines the tools and processes used at Unify to achieve and maintain open source compliance (IV.) before closing with the various practical lessons learned by Unify for establishing an open source compliance regime in a company (V.).


  • Ringeling, Christian, A Practical Approach to Business Analytics Software, Source of Value or the End of Data Privacy?, CRI 2015, 7-11
    Data has many sources and has gone from scarce to abounding – it’s everywhere. With business analytics tools it is possible to handle incredible large amounts of data and turning it into valuable information. By using business analytics tools, one can analyze different types of data, discover patterns and by combining it with other data, reveal unknown correlations. This article provides a practical approach to business analytics (I.) illustrates different key methods of business analytics by providing industry examples (II.) and demonstrates what impact business analytics software has on personal data and data privacy (III.).


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  • Lloyd, Ian, UK: Towards Fair Dealing Obligations in English Contractual Relationships?, CRI 2015, 29-30
  • Bühlmann, Lukas, Switzerland: No General Statutory Right of Withdrawal for E-Commerce, CRI 2015, 31-32

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