Issue 5 / 2014


  • Orji, Uchenna Jerome, Examining Missing Cybersecurity Governance Mechanisms in the African Union Convention on Cybersecurity and Personal Data Protection, CRI 2014, 129-135
    The spread of telecommunications technologies and Internet penetration in African states has also raised concerns for cybersecurity at both national and regional levels. At the regional level, the Heads of State and Government of member states of the African Union recently adopted a regulatory framework on cybersecurity known as the African Union Convention on Cyber Security and Personal Data Protection on 27th June 2014. The Convention is intended to harmonize the laws of African states on electronic commerce, data protection, cybersecurity promotion and cybercrime control. This article briefly discusses some missing mechanisms that may hinder the effectiveness of the Convention as a legal instrument for the promotion of cybersecurity and cybercrime control in Africa. It also offers some suggestions on possible remedies to strengthen the Convention and enhance its effectiveness, including the development of a model law and mutual legal assistance mechanisms. It also makes a case for the establishment of a regional Computer Emergency Response Team to enhance efficient regional cooperation in the coordination of responses to cybersecurity incidents.
  • CRI 2014, 136-138
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  • Chowdhury, Probir Roy / Setlur, Yajas, India: The RBI Balancing E-Payment Rules, CRI 2014, 156-157
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  • About the Authors, CRI 2014, 160

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