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  • De Wachter, Joren, Intellectual Property in an Age of Big Data: an Exercise in Futility?, An examination of Big Data’s impact on patents and database protection, CRI 2014, 1-6
    Information Technology has a deep impact on Intellectual Property. While many focus on copyright or data protection, this article looks at the impact of the exponential growth in data and information, known as “Big Data", on the patent system and protection of databases. How will Big Data affect patent practice and the value of patent portfolios? And, how relevant are database protection rights, when data volumes grow exponentially?
  • Westermeier, J.T., New Strategies for Strengthening the Protection for Databases, A Focus on Collective Works, CRI 2014, 7-11
    In today’s rapidly changing digital environment, it is extremely difficult to protect databases and database content from scrapers and other infringers. In fact, advances in technology are making the protection of database content increasingly more difficult. The ruling in Metropolitan Regional Information Systems, Inc. v. American Home Realty Network, Inc., 722 F.3d 591 (2013) (“MRIS case"), discussed in this article, addresses several legal strategies that may be used to strengthen the copyright protection for databases and database content.In this article we will discuss the lessons learned from the MRIS case. First, we will discuss the scope of copyright protection for automated databases in the United States so that the lessons learned from the MRIS case can be placed in perspective.

  • CRI 2014, 11-15
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  • Portugal: Guidelines for Processing of Employees’ Data, CRI 2014, 31

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  • About the Authors, CRI 2014, 32

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