Issue 3 / 2013


  • Selby, John / Moens, Annelies, Recent Proposals to Reform Data Protection Laws in the EU and Australia, A Comparative Analysis, CRI 2013, 65-70
    Data protection laws designed to balance the desire for individual privacy with business and government usage of personal information have spread around the world over the last few decades. After the first wave of regulation in the 1980s and 1990s, the continued growth of internet usage has highlighted shortcomings in those regulations. This has spurred a more recent wave of reform in data protection laws in many jurisdictions. This article gives an overview of recent data protection reform efforts in two federal regulatory systems, the European Union and Australia. It then explores the history of those reform efforts and compares several significant differences between these approaches.
  • Chang, James / Gatto, James G. / O’Reardon, Meighan E., Mobile Privacy Practices, Recent California developments indicate what’s to come, CRI 2013, 70-74
    The use of mobile applications has seen huge growth in the past few years. As the use of apps becomes increasingly commonplace, social concerns such as the privacy of app users will increasingly need addressing. California is taking the lead in regulating this important issue. This article provides an overview of mobile privacy (I. and II.), a summary of California’s stance on how to address the issue, an overview of the state’s principles regarding privacy (III.), its best tips for complying with its principles (IV.), and an examination of the privacy related laws outside of California (V.).
  • CRI 2013, 74-79
  • CRI 2013, 79-81
  • CRI 2013, 81-90
  • CRI 2013, 90-92


  • Gronen, Christophe, France: Initiatives for Taxing Digital Economy, CRI 2013, 93-94
  • Lloyd, Ian, UK: New Directions in UK Copyright Law, CRI 2013, 94-96

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  • About the Authors, CRI 2013, 96

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