Issue 6 / 2011

published at 20-12-2011


  • Drechsler, Christian, Data Transfers Within Europe: Contractual Data Protection Clauses in Practice, CRI 2011, 161-165
    Other than in case of data transfers from Europe to countries without an adequate level of data protection, there is no set of standard contractual clauses - similar to the EU Model Clauses - for data transfers within countries with an adequate level data protection. In practice, this lack of such standard agreements sometimes raises questions and it (seemingly) also leaves more room to achieve compliance than in case of data transfers to countries without an adequate level of data protection. This article discusses and analyzes these questions and this "room", with a focus on the practical implications of the use of "boilerplate" data protection clauses, i.e. generic contractual data protection clauses that are directly incorporated into commercial agreements.
  • Chowdhury, Probir Roy / Ray, Ankita, Data Privacy Regime in India: A Comparative Critique, CRI 2011, 165-171
    This article analyses the recently enacted data privacy regime in India. In doing so, it compares the existing framework in India with that of other jurisdictions. While creating awareness of the legal mandate and requirements under the new data privacy laws in India, it also highlights the lacunae in the same.
  • CRI 2011, 171-177
  • CRI 2011, 177-182
  • CRI 2011, 182-185
  • CRI 2011, 185-190
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